I wanted to write about my plan for an intermission for a PhD but instead, as I sit reading Atomic Habits by James Clear, I had an idea to link the 'habit implementation guideline' with 'habit stacking' and finally with an odd sense of invisible accountability here with my ghostly readers (yes, that's you!).

Implementation guideline: this is the idea that if you make a plan for a specific task or event, you are much more likely to do it. It's that simple; making a plan to get to the party, which you are nervous about going to, will make you much more likely to go.

Habit stacking: Stacking a habit that you want to develop with one you already do. For example, after brushing my teeth each morning, I will write out my most important thing to do for today.

Accountability is clear; I somehow feel that my ghost 50+ viewers on my posts are my accountability partners, even though I am completely anonymous and will always strive to be.

So, let's do a habit scorecard: what habits do I do through the day automatically:

Okay so that is my morning routine; it's a bit chaotic at the moment, but I will take it. Life is chaotic these days. As for an evening routine, I really don't have one, apart from a wind-down before bed:

Typing these out did help. I think a clear pause in the morning is having a glass of ice water. Here, I can implement something new quite simply. Perhaps it is, write a post for this blog. Doesn't have to be long. Can be 20 words, as long as I do it. Or maybe think about the most important thing I have to do today, and after the walk I take, I sit down and work on that straight away to avoid distraction.

Okay so here goes:

After I have a glass of ice water, I will write down on a piece of paper my tasks for today. I will do this with a notepad or a laptop that is nearby. I will spend 2 minutes doing this.

After I take a quick walk, I will sit down and work on my MOST important task of the day just for 20 minutes. I don't care if it's incredibly boring; 20 minutes is 20 minutes.

After I do my first 1.5 hours of work, I will meditate for 1 hour(!! – I will write about this soon) in the chair in the living room, preferably with dogs as company.

Now, I just have to remember this somehow?