I had a great discussion with my partner's family today about data privacy and the way modern surveillance has increased to an extreme with the ubiquity of devices with an internet connection and the ability to collect data, to feed you hyper specific ads on social media. It got me thinking (again) that I think a handy little palatable guide to a few steps you can take to hamper their influence on you and your daily digital life would be very useful and I planned on writing one anyway. I will commit to writing one this week in the evenings after work, on the state of the internet and media today and why if you can quit, you should give it serious consideration. Regardless, everyone should have a quick guide handy to realise that there are options other than facebook, amazon, and google. Brave, Firefox, Qwant, Startpage (if qwant's search results are too bad), and a step further, limiting your OS's abilities, with the final step being a FSF approved linux. I know that 4 people in the world use a distro like parabola, especially with proprietary blob on wifi cards being a big issue, but it would be nice to see an end-to-end solution starting off with the very small, and if the reader is interested, reading all the way to the end to see what daily experience is like off grid from closed source software (as much as possible of course, with the modern state of the internet being very frustrating but that's another topic).