One day from receiving the final piece of the bureaucratic puzzle required to apply for intermission. It turns out I will be applying for January and that way I get December off as well as a freebie.

Furthermore, an advisor of mine at the university has recommended that I seriously consider looking into a new supervisor (either alongside or in place of!!) my current set-up. She got this only from knowing that my supervisor is young; I guess now as I write this, she also deduced as I have been struggling during my PhD that that would be a factor too.

It's an exciting yet worrisome idea. I, of course, would really click with some supervisors in the CS department, but it's hard for me to comprehend at the moment exactly how to approach even looking for one. There are a lot of factors involved that I am not sure about: my funding, my source of funding, self-funding, my knowledge etc.

Nevertheless, I'm expecting 2021 to be a big year of change. I am very much looking forward to stepping into the abyss and seeing what lies on the other side for me. Some argue proper systematic change always requires a revolution, and not just a reform. Let's test this hypothesis, shall we?