The final step is in motion. I have got all the pieces of the puzzle, now I just have to align them. My intermission will be from the 19th January 2021 until April 20, 2021. 13 weeks is the max with funding covered. However, due to the length of the process and the Christmas holidays, essentially from Thursday 4th December 2020, I will be beginning my intermission.

I am so excited; I feel hopeful and I feel the space to do things that interest me. This will be a big time of change for me, and I hope to look back on it as a truly wonderful time of personal development and positive steps forward in my PhD and my frame of mind.

I have an idea of what to start with, to help myself ease the pressure and the load on myself. I want to stop being as hard on myself and so, I think a nice and extremely enjoyable way to start would be to do some of the projects I have been meaning to do for a long time. These are all computer related:

Well, that was a lot. Of course, I will still write a basic data privacy guide for my friends and family and as a way of having some start-up content on my new home on the internet – my website.

I hope to begin and finish on this in one session after this week of final responsibilities for me. Onwards and Upwards.